Zebarites raise awareness on Deaf Blindness

Empathy is an essential element for a healthy society. As a school, we feel that it is imperative that our students contribute to the community and the various social initiatives undertaken by the non-governmental organisations. To celebrate the indomitable spirit of Helen Keller, who was deaf-blind and an American author as well as a political activist, Sense International India organised a unique charity Cyclothon “ Messengers on Cycles”. Ms. Mili Bhattacharyya, the Vice-Principal of our school, motivated our students to participate in this cyclothon. More than 60 students from Zebar School turned up at the cyclothon on Sunday morning. They knew they were pedalling for a social cause. With every pedal they tried to contribute from their end to the society, raising awareness on what is deaf blindness and sensitising the people of Ahmedabad to understand the issues and problems faced by disabled people. We hope that our students will in the future become responsible, empathetic and sensitive citizens of our nation.