Scholarship Policy

Zebar School for Children believes in education for all. We promote deserving candidates irrespective of their financial background to come and study at our school. In case the family is not able to afford the fees of the school, then a scholarship of 25% to 50% of the annual fees will be granted. This program is applicable for  all. The children should be above average in studies, punctual and disciplined. There can be students who are outstanding in the specific field of arts and sports who may also qualify. The family background would play an essential role in deciding the need of the student, for instance, single parent get preference in this scheme. We have limited seats annually to grant the scholarship and has to be renewed every year. Please follow the below-mentioned procedure to apply for the scholarship.

The procedure for the scholarship is as under:

  • The parent has to submit the annual income proof for all earning members of the family. (including grandparents).
  • The academic details of the child have to be provided.
  • Parents have to inform the dependents of family-like children, non-earning parents, dependent relatives, etc.
  • Parents have to provide an undertaking that the information is accurate and correct.
  • The undertaking form can be availed from contacting the administrative office with a written application for the scholarship.

Click here for the Scholarship Application Form