Zebar School provides transport facilities to all children from Nursery to Class X. The school provides safe and comfortable Air Conditioned buses. The school buses have additional features like individual seat belts, well trained drivers and female attendants. Hence parents do not have to worry about the safety of their child.

The other additional benefits are that when parents opt for school buses, they also contribute to lower the number of vehicles on the road, reducing the overall carbon footprint drastically. Thus school buses contribute to a better environment. Many studies over the years have repeatedly stated that school buses have a significantly lower number of accidents on the road compared to students travelling by other vehicles.

Our school buses are available in more than 20 areas of Ahmedabad city, with more than 100 pickup points.

For further details, please contact Transport Co-ordinator:
Mr. Nisarg: 9727597593
Chandra Bhushan Shukla: 99798 89946
School Landline:  (079 – 71012444)