Executive Director’s Desk

Zebar is one of the newest schools in Ahmedabad which is closest to the city. We are building the school to meet the modern education standards and give parents a delightful experience. Decades of experience in the field of education has given me a lot of insights in to managing the school. The thing that has bothered me since I was a student is the “below average performers” conditions, in Zebar we put constant strive to enhance their performance and even have facility of school psychologist. Even emphasis is put on other activities and sports as the urban kids have limited access.

A child should never be judged through his report card, development of the child should be all round which takes ample time in showing tangible results. Zebar is making progress in this direction. Zebar has taken up the challenge of embracing school methods which are modern along with the time tested techniques followed to provide education which is world class. I am happy to be part of this organization and want to see it grow in to one of the top schools of the city.

- Manan Choksi (Executive Director)