Zebar School has taken services of EduSports(India’s leading Sports and Physical Education Organization) for the overall development of Sports amongst the children of school.

The education board has prescribed sports/ physical education as a part of the curriculum in schools but the same is not followed by keeping age appropriateness of children in mind due to which they lose their interest.

EduSports provides a well-structured program which fills the gap between the schools/ parents demands and the children’s interest. It helps the children to be fit and healthy by being a part of the schools time table. It is a fun way to keep the child’s interest intact and aim towards holistic development.

For each standard different curriculum is made so that it is age appropriate and helps the child to become fitter and healthier, the key features of the curriculum are for all classes are as follows:

For Nursery:
Walk kiddies; Run Pick and Place; Walk on the Beam; The Hokey Pokey; Skill Circuit; Move your Body; Hoppity Hop; Bean Balance; Frogs and Flies; Bounce the Ball; Over, Under, Around and Through; Twist Bend and Shake; Animal Walks and many more.

For Jr.Kg:
Know the props; Walking Peacock; Traffic lights; Running Cheetah; Skip the Hoop; Monster in my Room; Know your Body; Loco Circuit; Rolling and Tossing; Alphabet and Number Pathways; Jungle Relay and many more.

For Sr.Kg:
Shape Identifiers; Crab Walk; Volcano Erupts; Discovery Play; Alphabet Shapes with your Body; Follow Me; Bouncing and Passing; Santa Trail; Balance your body; Parachute Play; Rhythmic movements; Safari Adventure and many more.

For STD 1:
Ball Control; Bowl-a-Rama; Jumping Monkeys; Animal Farm; Ball Dribble; Magic Ball; Crazy Frogs; Body Movements; Target Bucket; Tortoise, Puppies and Elephants; Twist, Turn, Hop and Clap and many more.

For STD 2:
Chase, Dodge and Flee; Strength and Flexibility; Football – Dribbling; Aerobic and Anaerobic; Horse Gallop; Physical Fitness Test; Dance to the rhythm; Standing Kho-Kho; Underhand Throwing and Catching with Ball; Monster in the Forest; Body Toss; Zigzag Roll; Ball Round Up; Simon Says and many more.

STD 3:
Kho-Kho; Cricket; Aerobics Fun; Basketball; Fun team games; Strength and Flexibility; Kicking the ball; March Past; Running Relay Techniques; Dribbling; Shooting basics; The Match Day and many more.

STD 4:
Cricket: Batting, Bowling, Fielding; Co-operative Games for Fitness; Handball: Bounce pass, Dribbling, Shooting; Football: Passing, Receiving, Dribbling, Shooting; Track & Field; Touch Rugby; Ultimate Frisbee and many more.

STD 5:
Touch Rugby; Ultimate Frisbee; Football; Kho-Kho; Track & Field; Basketball; Handball; Co-operative Games For Fitness; Cricket; March Past and many more.

For Standard 6 and above Edusport have more intense sports activities.