Infrastructure Facilities

Building of the school is designed ergonomically which suit’s the children’s need for light and space.

The building has been designed keeping ventilation of all classrooms in mind. The building has features like spacious classrooms, wide staircase and corridors which makes it easily accessible and safe. Facilities like drinking water and toilets are made available on each floor making it easy and faster for students to access.

Zebar has vast area of approx 5282.00 sq.m. with built-up area of approx 7278.38 sq.m. and playground with approx 1082.40 area surrounded by shady tress and having lush green lawn present.

With the presence of many trees in the surrounding the atmosphere remains cool and even the noise pollution is reduced. Many games like football, cricket, tennis etc are played in the grounds. Very few schools in the city provide two and four wheeler parking inside the area of campus and Zebar is one of them. School is located in an area where traffic is minimum which reduces the accidents risk.

Recently Zebar has acquired a bigger plot next to school and have started developing the same with sports infrastructure like Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Badminton Courts, Car Parking, Walking Track, Play ground with all the facilities etc.