Counselling For Children

Need for counselling in school

Nowadays students feel a lot of pressure from the society to perform in academics. Majority of the students lack a sense of direction, a sense of purpose and a sense of fulfillment. And indulge in destructive activities, which lead to social damage and loss. Adequate guidance and counselling facilities are the only answer to help and guide the youth to worthwhile channels and help them realize the goals of optimum academic, personal and social development. Educational Guidance and School Counselling are aimed with the key objective of assisting in solving the students’ problems and strengthening the studiousness efficiency of students as well.

Role of School Counsellors

School Counsellors are an essential part of the school team and provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in a pre-primary school, primary school middle school or high school. School Counsellors provide counselling programs in three critical areas: academic, personal/social, and career. Their services and programs help students resolve emotional, social or behavioural problems and help them develop a more precise focus or sense of direction. School Counselling helps to ease out the day to day educational problems and take decisions involving both students and teachers.

School Counselling acts on the process of identifying the strengths of the students and brighten them. It is an essential factor for a student to determine and provide guidance on his/her cognitive skills, motor skills and attitudes or potential skills.