Assembly of 9 C- Conservation of Nature.

At Zebar, we understand, appreciate and value our green gold. It is essential that this precious gift is nurtured, preserved and reserved for future generations. To ensure this, the children of 9C initiated a special assembly on “Conservation of Nature” and emphasized on the drastic implications of cutting down of trees. It began with the Morning prayer that paved the way for the students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted in the moral values and unleash their vitality. Thought of the day was presented by Ishan Goswami followed by informative news reported by Nachiket Shah and Shreya Patel. The PPT added value to the assembly, which was made by Jay Patel. The students left everybody spellbound and speechless as they performed on the song “Na katto Mujhe” and exhibited the reckless cutting of trees and how we have been selfishly plundering the earth and her natural resources and was concluded with a heartfelt message that “Each one, Plant one” before it’s too late for us to realize. This was followed by a Principal Ms. Sharmishtha Sinha, who encouraged the students of IX-C by appreciating their performance and congratulated them for conducting a successful assembly. Assembly was concluded with the vote of thanks by the anchors for the day Anya Parekh, and Naitik Desai followed by National Anthem.