The Annual Quality Conference

The Annual Quality Conference was held at THE FORUM today. This conference gave a perfect opportunity to the educators of all four schools- Udgam, Zebar, Satellite School and Bodakdev School to reconnect, engage in stimulating conversations and discuss the challenges that lay ahead. The conference was attended by trustees, directors teachers and staff of all the four schools. The compere for the day, Ms Dhyana Ramchandran, an educator at Udgam School, connected brilliantly with the audience and facilitated the event with ease. The day began with the lighting of the lamp by Shri J.D. Patel, Trustee of Udgam School, Ms Radhika Iyer and Ms Pratima Patell Academic advisors of Zebar School for Children.
Ms Radhika Iyer gave a glimpse into her 40 years of teaching experience. Her experiences and challenges enlightened the audience as her speech ended with a motivational quote “Success doesn’t come easily, and a person has to slog for it”.

Ms Maya Menon, Founder and Director, The Teacher Foundation, Bangalore was the motivational speaker for this year. Her organization focuses on training teachers and aims at infusing school education with new energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Ms Menon has been in the field of education for over three decades. Her speech revolved around “Re-imagining teaching”.
She introduced us ‘IKIGAI’- a Japanese concept of finding joy in the profession that we are in. She engaged the audience in meaningful conversations with brain teasers and energizers. She spoke about collaborative learning, meaningful learning as critical skills for students of the 21st century.
This was an opportunity to showcase our achievements and encourage educators to continue achieving new milestones year on year.

Principals of Udgam School-Ms.Sujata Tandon, Zebar School- Ms. Sharmista Sinha, Satellite School- Ms.Bhavna Shah and Bodakdev School- Ms Amoli Patell(Vice-Principal) presented challenges faced last year, solutions designed and goals for the current academic year.

Executive Director Mr. Manan Choksi urged the audience to uphold the values and provide quality education. This was followed by a delicious and sumptuous lunch.
The Employee Recognition and Motivation awards were given to those educators and staff members who proved their mettle last year.

Ms. Malobika Dutta, Vice-Principal of Udgam School for Children, gave an eloquent Vote of Thanks. The conference has inspired educators to work together towards the envisioned goals. A Special thanks to the Udgam HR and IT team who worked relentlessly to make this conference a success.