Rakesh Goswami- Father of Joy and Jiya Goswami – VII A

Zebar School played a vital role in helping my twins learn to interact positively with their peers and teachers. They learnt about healthy relationship skills through interactions, both in the classroom and in personal life. It was challenging for me when we returned from London, the United Kingdom, in March 2017.

My twins Joy and Jiya did not know how to read, write and speak Gujarati as well as Hindi. Over a period of time, with extra efforts by school teachers, now they have excelled in the languages. Coming from an altogether different educational environment, it was not easy for both of them. Teachers and staff put enormous efforts behind them and encouraged them to learn.

Zebar School provided growth, development and conducive environment for Joy and Jiya. They obtained not only academic skills but also many other life-skills.
I am thankful to Mr Manan Choksi, Principal, Vice-Principal and all other staff for providing good culture to my children studying in Zebar School.