Zebarites meet International Theatre Artist Hugo Suarez

The third edition of ‘AHA! International Theatre Festival for Children’ is being screened in Ahmedabad. This year, the performances are dedicated to widening the prospects of puppeteering as a form of storytelling amongst young minds. Engaging children in the magical world of theatre broadens their respect for, and understanding of, theatre as an art form. The school-sponsored the passes of the event. Students of Class 4 went to watch the show named “Body Rhapsody” which was performed by an International Artist Hugo Suarez from Peru. The performance combined mime, dance, puppetry and act. They loved his style of puppetry in which he used his knees and elbow to deliver his four performances in 40 minutes. Hugo created a riot full of colourfull characters using his knees, feet, hands, elbows, stomach with a handful of props. Students enjoyed the acts and came back to school with information on puppetry and theatre as a form of story telling and communication.