Visit to The Gujarat Legislative Assembly

A learning experience for our students of Standard 9th. Our educators Ms Dhara Mehta and Mr Manoj Patel took students of standard 9th on a trip to Gujarat Legislative Assembly at Gandhinagar. The trip was planned as our students are learning about Constitution Design, Working of Institution and Electoral Politics in Civics. Our students witnessed a live –session of Assembly. The MLAs were debating roads and electricity issues in the Question-Answer session. MLAs thumped their desks in approval and raised their voices when they disagreed during the session. Students observed the Question Hour. They learnt about the decorum and dignity which has to be maintained during the proceedings of the house. The architecture of the Vidhan Sabha, the vast lawns of Vidhan Sabha were a feast to the eyes of our students. Through this visit, our students learnt that success, effectiveness and prestige of an institution rest on its orderly functioning and the extent to which it adheres to standards of discipline, dignity and decorum.