Visit To Khoj Museum

Children of Junior KG and Nursery got an opportunity to visit the Khoj Museum. It is the only children’s museum in India in a joint initiative with Zoom Kinder Museum, Vienna. The toddlers were taken to the Bubble Exhibits in the museum. They were thrilled to see bubbles of so many shapes and sizes. The museum in charge showed them the technique to make the perfect bubbles. Our little ones got busy in creating bubbles, and within a short time, the entire floor was full of bubbles. Some of them created bubble hurricanes, bouncing and floating bubbles and also started bubble race with their friends. Our little ones gleamed on seeing the rainbow colours in the big bubbles at the museum. These minute observations help foster curiosity and out of the box thinking at this age, which is required to succeed in the 21st century. For our little ones, it was a day out of their school where they enjoyed with their friends and teachers as well as acquired critical skills which shall help them in becoming life long learners.