Assembly on Kranti Divas

Students of Grade 2 D held an Assembly on Kranti Diwas. Shaana Golwala anchored the assembly. The assembly started with the prayer .
The participants were Sanvi Shah, Aahna Patel, Harishree Patel, Jaydevsinh Vaghela, Hridaan Khambholia. Navya Mathur shared the news. The thought of the day ‘Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.’was shared by Dhriti Baheti. A video on Kranti Diwas was shown to the students. Students danced on a Patriotic Song “ Yeh Desh hai Veer Jawanau ka” . The participants were Ved Parikh, Agniva Pai, Hitarth Dholariya, Aary Mistry, Diskha Joshi, Kashish Parmar, Hirisha Solanki, Shikha Baheti. The assembly concluded with the rendition of National Anthem. #KrantiDiwas #Assembly #Zebarites #QuitIndiaMovement