Anti Child Labour Day- Assembly of 9 A

Child Labour is a Menace and needs to be stopped.Children are the greatest gift to humanity and childhood is an essential and impressionable stage of human development as it holds the potential to the future development of any society. However, when they are forced into labour, their mental and physical growth is impeded. To raise awareness on World Day against Child Labour the students of Grade IX A conducted an assembly on Friday, 28th June 2019 which included a speech (Importance of the Day), a PPT presentation, a Hindi poem and nukkad naatak. The nukkad naatak highlighted the reasons for child labour and its effects on childhood. The naatak guided by Ms Neha Maniyar (dance teacher) depicted the menial job done by the unfortunate children and its impact. Our Vice Principal Ms Mili Bhattacharyya, addressed the students and said that the students being future generations it is their responsibility to raise hands against child labour and contribute its eradication. Let there be books instead of tools in the little hands.