A trip to Adalaj Stepwell and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum

Intricately carved the Adalaj Stepwell or Vav is a famous tourist attraction in Ahmedabad. It is a stunning example of Indo-Islam fusion architecture work. To take a closer look at the heritage of the city, Zebar School organized a field trip to Adalaj Step Well, for students of Grade 10. Students appreciated the carvings, pillars, ornamental designs, geometrical patterns and other mythological scenes on the Step Well. Such experiences help students to draw a realistic vision of history and draw better connections with the curriculum. After their visit to Adalaj well, students also visited one of the landmarks of the city of Ahmedabad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum. Stepping into the cool confines of the museum, the students were struck by the grandeur and magnificence of the building. The museum, also known as Moti Shah Mahal, was built by Shah Jahan in1622. It was later renovated and given the face of a museum which was inaugurated by our learned Ex-Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on the 29th of Oct., 2013. The museum is a state of art and technology. The students were enamoured by the visuals and detailed description of the story of the Iron Man of India -Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. His pivotal role in the freedom struggle of the country and his undying efforts in unifying his motherland is showcased beautifully in the museum with meticulous details. The murals, the various portraits, the information of his family members, his close associates etc. provided rich material and deep insight to the students for their presentation. The museum also houses the precious and rare collection of the personal belongings of Sardar Patel. Miniatures of Patel’s residence, his school, the jail and other places associated with his life are also a part of the museum. The multimedia interactive displays and the film on the intense role Patel played in India’s struggle for freedom, his charitable disposition, his close association with the Father of the Nation, his firm decisions during his tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister of free India -all made the students realise the innate qualities of the Bismark of our country. Indeed it was an immensely enriching experience for the students. When they came back to school, their faces beamed with satiation and satisfaction. #ZebarSchoolforChildren #Zebarites #Fieldtrips #Learningbeyondclassroomwalls