About Us

Zebar School for Children is one of the newest and managed by Udgam Consultancy, one of best schools in Ahmedabad. The school was founded in 2013 by Shree Amthabhai Desai with a belief to provide quality education. His wish is to give back to the society and Education is the best tool to accomplish the same.
According to Shree Amthabhai Desai “Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to serve the society”. He believes knowledge is power. But it is also important to learn how and when to utilize this power. This is where Education plays a vital role.
Zebar School is affiliated to CBSE and English is the medium of instruction. Equal weightage is given to academics and sports to see the overall development of children.
  1. 100% Results: At Zebar School we aims100% pass results whenever our students appear in the examinations of class 10 and 12 Board examinations.
  2. 70/70: To ensure that minimum 70% of students get more than 70% in the board examinations of Class 12
  3. No child is left behind: Zebar will employ enough special educators who will ensure that not a single child gets E grade after 5 years.
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