Zebarites visit old age home

To make our students passionate and empathetic towards those who are disadvantaged and in distress, students of grade 9 C visited the RJ Trivedi Suvarna Mandir Trust. The students were accompanied by the teachers and the Academic Advisor of the school Ms. Radhika Iyer. Zebarites carried thoughtful gifts of fruits and biscuits for the inmates of the old age home. Ms. Radhika Iyer gifted shawls to all the inmates.
Zebarites interacted with the Grandpas and Grandmas of the old age home. Some students played Garba while others sat and listened to their stories. This visit gave a deep insight into the students to some of the bitter and disillusioned realities of life, which turned out to be an eye-opener for all. Students averred on their way back to be always with their parents through thick and thin.