International Mother Language Day

Students of all the three sections celebrated International Mother Language Day at the campus. On one hand, students of Senior KG held a special assembly on sign languages with their peers. Their message was clear that language has no barrier. On the other hand, students of the primary section gave a glimpse into the linguistic diversity of our country. The students dressed as Punjabis, Marathis, Gujaratis, Bengalis each gave a short presentation about their language and culture. The students of Middle section celebrated this day by writing essays, poem recitations in their mother tongue, reading of Gujarati prose from favourite novels and prayer recital in Punjabi by students of grade 9. Our Principal ma’am donated Gujarati Novels to the school library.

As a school, Zebar is very proud to have such a rich, culturally vibrant community, and to be able to learn from and respect each other. We also have a group of wonderful, dedicated Mother Tongue Teachers (Gujarati, Hindi and Sanskrit), who help our children to grow in their native language and share it with others, a skill which is so crucial in today’s global society.