Environment Responsibility

School Bus

The large number of vehicles that ply on the road gives out the worst pollutants after that released from the factories. From few popular routes Zebar has introduced school buses. This not only helps in reducing the traffic problems and fuel usage but helps the children to have a wonderful ride with their friend and always reach on time. For more information you can write to us at Jitha@zebarschool.com

Rainwater Harvesting / Recharging
School has filtration system and bore installed in the campus to recharge the ground water and not let the rain water go waste. School supports the environment and is making attempts to save it. By this increased ground water not only the school is benefited but all the neighboring societies are as well. The rain water harvesting even reduces the TDS found in water and improves the quality of water.

Installing power saving fans and tube lights
In schools electricity is largely consumed by tube lights and fans. Power saving fans and tube lights are installed as they are used for long duration every day.

Email communication
An attempt is made to save trees by shifting from printed notices to more of communication through emails. Parents are accepting this change and are even apprectating the saving of paper.

School Software
For internal processes Zebar uses software’s to keep records which again saves paper.

News online
All the important information and general notices are published online which helps to save a lot of paper. Parents are getting used to checking online news for school updates.

Computers to teachers
Not only for parents but even for teachers Zebar is carrying out the go green campaign by giving teachers an E-staffroom with computers and internet installed so that they can save paper. They get access to outlook and using it they can do announcements and circulars in a quicker and environment friendly way.