Assembly on Guru Purnima

The students of class III B took great pride in convening the assembly as it provided them with an opportunity to thank all the teachers. Students illustrated the significance of Guru Purnima through their assembly. The assembly commenced with the demonstration of life in a Gurukul and importance of Guru in one’s life. The participants were Apurva, Vedant, Shiven, Shlok, Manav and Sanyam. Darsham played Guru's role. Students presented the speeches of famous gurus like Dronacharya, Chanakya and Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Viraaj, Dwij and Rohan delivered these speeches. A beautiful dance performance by Divyanshi and Prisha left everyone mesmerised. Students in the assembly were updated with current events of the world by Divyanshi, Vrinda and Ridit . A quiz session was conducted by Aryan. Vedant shared the thought of the day. The assembly concluded with the national anthem.