Assembly of Welcome Monsoon

“The first drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces” ‘Rainy Season’ or ‘Monsoon’ the beautiful season of the year is a gift of God to mankind. It revives our souls and fills the surroundings with the beauty of fresh greenery. To acknowledge this blessed gift of God; students of class I B conducted a special assembly with the theme –Monsoon Mania. Students provided vital information about this season with enthusiasm. Adhip Mukherjee anchored the assembly. The students who participated in prayer were Aarav Patel, Twisha Shah, Vaishvi Soni, Fena Patel, Kanisha Gaggar. Using PowerPoint presentation they shared the information about Monsoon season. They also presented a beautiful rhyme on Raindrops. The rhyme was sung by Swar Patel, Tirth Patel, Kavish Chokshi, Manya Patel, Chahat Patel, Heeya Agrawal, Vrusha Patel. Students also danced to the melodious tunes of a ‘Rainy Day’ song. They expressed the happiness of people when the sky is filled with dark clouds. The participants were Viha Pandya, Dhyana Nayak, Astha Parmar, Maanith Arora, Vrind Patel, Adhip Mukherjee. The weather forecast was shared by Jashvi Shah. Our Vice-Principal Ms. Jayasree Menon appreciated the efforts of our students and teachers. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.#Monsoon #ZebarSchool