Annual Science Fair of Primary Section

The Annual Science Fair for the Primary Section was held on 13th October 2018. It emulated the hope and aspirations of our children in becoming the geniuses of tomorrow. Students of Grade 3, 4 and 5 poured their creativity and talent at this Science fair. It also brought out the latent skills of the children.

Under the guidance of Science teachers, the students put up various experiments on display. Students prepared illustrative charts on The Human Heart, Respiratory System, Solar System and Balanced Diet. The models showcased the interest and understanding of Science. Students prepared working models on Rain Water Harvesting, Wind Mills, Modes of transport, ATM Dispenser, Candy Dispenser, Rockets, Money Printing machine and cold drink vending machine using old cardboard boxes and cereal boxes.

Parents and visitors were invited to motivate our student's venture, and they gave positive feedback on the same.