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Zebar School for Children has medical facilities available for any emergency and other routine medical assistance. School has opened Homeopathic clinic in collaboration with Anubhuti Homeo clinics, which is largest homeopathy chain in Gujarat run by a charitable trust. The clinic is easily accessible in the school premises.

How Clinic Will Helpful For Kids In The School??

If kids come across some type of acute illnesses like injury, sudden high grade fever, headache, abdominal pain, vomiting, nose bleed etc. during school hours then it can be managed.

We had studied through experience that, by treating such type of acute illness, kids does not require unnecessary leave from the school and by this time regularity is maintained & overall academic progress will also be improved.

Why Homeopathy??

Homeopathic medicines are absolutely harmless for the kids as they are prepared from natural sources and in very minute dose, so there are no side effects.

Homeopathic remedies are easily dissolved under the tongue or in water. Children love the taste and often ask for more!

How Homeopathy Act & What Are The Benefits?

Homeopathy directly acts on immune system and by this it helps in stimulating the persons own healing mechanism. This is the reason homeopathy removes the disease from its roots.

By strengthening the immunity power we can break the recurrence of acute infections of ear, throat gastric like recurrent cold cough, recurrent tonsillitis, and so child will not require frequent courses of antibiotic.

Apart from dealing with the physical complain by strengthening the immune power, homeopathy also helps in strengthening mental power and thus gives wonderful results in psychological disorder also like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), any behaviour disorder , stammering, bedwetting, delayed milestones or developmental disorder etc.

Homeopathy Can Help In The Following Area Of Children..

Body: Homeopathy treats common childhood illnesses, acute and chronic. It also treats developmental disorder too,
Mind: Homeopathy increases concentration of child, helps him/her focus, and stimulates the child’s ability to understand and learn.
Emotions: It helps nervous, restless, angry or unhappy child to restore balance.
Social: Balances the child’s nature, allowing the child to interact with others in a positive way.
  Helps solving issues like hyper sensitivity, aggression, grasping issue, lack of attentionhttp://www.zebarschool.com/

ANUBHUTI HOMEO CLINIC which has 11 branches across Gujarat and giving its services to the society since last 20 years.

ANUBHUTI HOMEO CLINIC provides homeopathic treatment for any such acute illnesses and also helps the child for long term treatment plan to tackle chronic illnesses and/or improving learning disabilities.

The medicines are free of charge for the students and staff of the school. The medical facility is also open for the parents with nominal charges.

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