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School psychologist is the qualified member of school team. School psychologist are trained and experienced to work with students, teachers and parents.

SChool psychologists’ work area:

  • Counseling/consulting for academic problems, psychological problems, behaviour issues, emotional issues, problems with others.
  • Psychological assessments/Evaluations
  • To help students who are slow learners and have other learning difficulties.
  • To work with gifted students.
  • Conduct life skill and training programs/workshops/seminars for students.
  • Conduct training programs/workshops/seminars for teachers.
  • Conducts workshops for parents.

School psychologist works in collaboration with teachers, parents, school administrators and other professionals to help and support students.

Counselors have different ways to help the student’s teachers and parents. They may take individual/group sessions with students, teachers and parents (as per the need)

Confidentiality is always maintained in counseling sessions

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